Cinnamon Buns Anyone?


A few years ago I fell in love with the smell of cinnamon buns. Unfortunately…I am allergic to cinnamon…weird…I know. However, without my aversion to cinnamon buns, I would have never known that! True story!

I started by creating these cinnamon buns by sewing a huge “tube” of muslin together. I stuffed each tube ever so slightly with poly fil, then I stained them with tea…and yup! You guessed it…cinnamon. About 2 min after the first rub…red and ITCHY wrists, fingers, and hands ensued. Well CRUD! That was NO fun…*sigh*

After I stuffed it, I just simply rolled it like you would dough for a real cinnamon bun and then tucked it and gave it a few stitches. Once that was done, I dripped some “icing”…aka fabric puff paint…:)….on the top. Sprinkled some cinnamon on top and VOILA!!! I had me a fabric cinnamon bun. Now…if you have some cinnamon scented spray or some scent oil from candle making, you can spritz that on top for a yummy realistic smell.

I also had some paper mache boxes (love those things) that I painted one up and added a vintage sticker to the front. Plopped my cinnamon buns in there with some brown paper shred and what a cute gifty or decoration! šŸ™‚

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    • Thanks…:) They are SUPER easy to make. Seriously. Just a straight stitch as if you were making a tube, turn it inside right. Then stuff lightly, stain, roll, stitch together, and “drip” the icing. I made DOZENS of them at one time. Keep looking, I’m going to be doing a tutorial on them AND…on my “Santa Longjohn” ornies…:)

  1. Those look awesome! So real!

    Thanks for joining the DIY Holiday linky party…I’m looking into why we can’t get an image for your link. I have the same trouble you do with your link but the others don’t and no one else has brought up a problem. šŸ˜¦ I’ll keep trying to see what I come up with/a resolution and keep you posted if I can get an image to show.

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